The Seder plate: Passover Foods and Symbols

It is in the center of every traditional Passover Seder table, made from various materials and adorned with various spring and Jerusalem themed decorations, the Seder plate, is the centerpiece of Pesach. Holding 6 bowls, one for each of the Seder foods, it is also the epitome of the Jewish holidays and what it represents […]

Most important Pilgrimages in Judaism

Pilgrimage is not a foreign concept to the Jewish people, especially after wandering in the desert for forty years. This journey is commemorated on Passover, but aside from this important pilgrimage, we commemorate two other pilgrim festivals: Shavuot and Sukkot. These three major festivals originate in the Torah, and are described as both agricultural festivals […]

The Half-Shekel: Purim Coin and Megillah Reading

The Half-Shekel coin, or Machatzit Hashekel, might seem to be of no great value, but it is most significant to Purim customs, Esther Megillah reading tradition, The Temple in Jerusalem history and level of donation and generosity in Judaism. What is the "zecher le'machatsit ha'shekel" Mitzvah? On Erev Purim, during Beit Hamikdash times, it was […]