Tallit Bracha and Preparation for Use

Like many Mitzvot, the act of putting on and wearing the Tallit is preceded by the recitation of a blessing.  However, before making the blessing it is important to check the strings and knots on the Tallit to make sure there are eight strings, the correct number of coils in each group and that there […]

Jewish Feminism and the Tallit

The surging popularity in the last 40 years of women wearing tallitot has grown as a direct result of the spread of a movement called “Jewish Feminism”. In the United States, the movement can be dated back to the 1970s. The main issues that caused women to form this movement were the exclusion of women […]

Tallit for Girls and Bat Mitzvahs

A tallit is an item that can last a lifetime! For many girls, their tallit is a fond reminder of their Bat Mitzvah day, where they first fulfilled the mitzvah of wearing a tallit. With the progression of women’s rights in the liberal Jewish sectors in the last few decades, it has now become more […]