Extra Tallit Strings

The Tallit is worn at home, in synagogues, or at any time during prayer. The most important part of a Tallit is the Tzitzit, or fringes on the corners of the Tallit.  Tzitzit are worn on the four corners of a Tallit, according to Jewish law. The fringes must be spun, and twined, and properly […]

Tallit Cases

One excellent way in which to care for and store ones’ Tallit is with the use of a Tallit case. The Tallit is a four-cornered prayer shawl with specially knotted fringes known as the Tzitzit; the Tallit is worn as a reminder to live a Mitzvah-centered life.  The practice of wearing a Tallit or Tzitzit […]

Yemenite Tallitot

A Yemenite Tallit is a black and white Tallit that uses a tying method stipulated by Maimonides, rather than the widespread methods described by Jewish Legal texts such as the Shulchan Aruch.  In addition, Yemenite Tallitot have a knotted pattern on the sides that resembles a net.