Sephardic Tallitot

Sephardic Tallitot are generally white with white stripes that run along the sides, although gold stripes frequently appear as do other colors.  The Atara is generally similar to those found on Ashkenazi Tallitot and feature similar decorations.  Sephardic Tallitot differ from Ashkenazi Tallitot in the tying method.  These Tallitot also share a series of knots […]

Chabad Tallitot

The Chabad Tallit features thick black and white stripes and does not have an Atara.  However, these Tallit frequently have silk attached to the inside edges.  These Tallitot also frequently have extremely long strings that are also wider in diameter than those used by other groups of Jews.  Chabad Tallitot use the Sephardic tying method […]

Ashkenazi Tallitot

While the Torah does not provide much detail regarding Tzitzit and Tallitot, there is a considerable amount of discussion in Jewish Legal Texts regarding the shape of a Tallit, the method of trying Tzitzit strings, materials used and colors, if applicable. Ashkenazi Tallitot are the most easily recognizable Tallitot with their black stripes and large […]