Tallit Size Guide

There are two basic ways to wear a tallit, with some variations depending on sect. Wearing the Tallit in a scarf style where it is draped over your shoulders is more popular in the more liberal Jewish circles of Reform, Reconstructionist, and some liberal Conservative synagogues. The following chart will give you a basic idea […]

World of Judaica Passover Giveaway!

World of Judaica is pleased to announce its 2012 Passover Giveaway in which a lucky winner will take home a beautiful 14 Karat white gold Star of David Pendant worth $349! In order to sign up, visit our World of Judaica’s Facebook page and like us. Then sign up for our newsletter on the Passover […]

Where Can I Browse for Jewish and Israeli Media?

Finding Israeli and Jewish themed media online can be a pain. Only searching for popular titles or names such as Idan Raichel, or the acclaimed film Waltzing With Bashir will yield results and even these links often lead you to sites with a limited selection or no additional selection of Israeli and Jewish media at […]