A Tale of Bricks and Blights

The Jews were slaves in Egypt three thousand years agoGod sent Moses to talk to the PharaohMy people want to celebrate the offering of a lambThis is a special holiday for every woman and manLet us go into the wildernessIt takes three days to doThis is really very special for each and every JewThe lord […]

Hanukkah Giveaway Winner!

World of Judaica is proud to announce that we have a winner of the Hanukkah Giveaway!! We invite you to visit the Giveaways Winners Page to see who was the lucky person that is taking home this lovely stained glass menorah! Congratulations!

The 9 Rules of Ownership for Kids

I just came across the 9 rules of property ownership for kids. It’s in Hebrew but I’ll translate it for you. I get the feeling sometimes that this applies just as equally to adults. Laws of Ownership for Kids If I like it, it’s mine. If I’m holding it, it’s mine. If I can take […]