Confessions of a Jewish Father

One of the weirdest joys about being a parent is the feeling of… fulfillment you get when you are woken up at 5am by your 17-month old daughter whose idea of an alarm clock is to stick her fingers up your nostrils as far as she can until you sit bolt upright wondering why you […]

Gefilte Fish

In tenth grade, I was assigned a rather interesting project to do for my Jewish history class. We were to interview a grandparent, have her tell her life story, in so many words, and then research the Jewish history of the country she came from. In my case, I chose to interview my grandmother, whose family hailed from Warsaw, […]

Matzah History

Passover is not the first time that matzah is mentioned in the Bible. Generally speaking, what happens to the Jewish people from Pharaoh and on (Exodus etc.) is reflected in the stories of the Patriarchs (Genesis). For example, the Jews’ enslavement in Egypt is reflected by Sarah’s capture by Pharaoh in the same country several generations before. The exile […]