Star of David Jewelry

Those of us who are familiar with Star of David jewelry may yet be surprised by Star of David philosophy. The reference is to a philosophical treatise by German/Jewish philosopher Franz Rosenzweig who penned his opus “The Star of Redemption” in 1921. Rosenzweig lived in the time of emancipation, when Jews were first exiting the ghettos of Europe and […]

Jews of Khazaria 2

Did you know that an entire empire converted to Judaism in the 8th and 9th centuries? Not many people see Judaism as a religion that inspires entire peoples, and not since John Hyrcanus the Hasmonean and nephew of Judah the Maccabee did a large swath of people convert to Judaism. The Khazars, however, did, though their motivations for doing […]

Nucampaign T-Shirts

Do you think the Israeli PR effort is lousy? Well, we do too, so we decided to take a look out there for some good innovators outside of the establishment to help spread Israel’s cause in any way possible. What we found was The new guy on the block has opened up. The man behind the NUCampaign […]