Prevent Abortion Efrat

The problem is so simple, yet so horrific. The solution, though, is even simpler and more beautiful. Every week in Israel, 900 babies are lost to abortion due mainly to economic concerns. That’s over 50,000 abortions every year. This means that Jewish lives are being lost even before they start, all over a matter of a little money. […]

Purim, Yom Kippur

When it comes to holidays, Judaism pretty much has it all. Every extreme of any emotion possibly expressed by the human brain has some sort of place in some sort of holiday somewhere on the calendar. And as many things are in life, opposing emotional extremes many times turn out to be eerily similar in their motivations. The Jewish […]

Passover, Birth of Jewish People

Religion, nation, culture, ethnicity, it’s hard to tell what Judaism actually is. The Passover holiday gives us the information we need to figure out the real answer. The question as to when the original Jewish people was born is complex. Was it Abraham, the father of it all? Isaac, the first promise fulfilled? Jacob AKA […]