Matzah, Mitzvah or Accident?

If we look into Biblical Jewish history a bit deeper than we might otherwise venture to attempt, the issue of matzah on the Passover holiday gets way too fuzzy for comfort. That’s the way it is with Jewish holidays and the Torah in general. Things look clear, and when you’re in Hebrew school or Jewish […]

Jewish Calendar Wars

How do they know when Jewish Holidays are supposed to take place? Simple. There’s a calendar. But where did it come from? Finding it in the Bible is going to be a bit difficult, since the Torah doesn’t exactly specify how the Jewish calendar should be constructed, or on what it should be based. There […]

Jewish Weddings-Humorous Stories by World of Judaica

So you’re standing there, under your Wedding Chuppah, having just walked down the aisle to “It’s Raining Men,” if you’re really gutsy, watching as this woman is slowly walking down that same aisle towards you with an artichoke bouquet in hand, and you’re wondering two things. First, if you’re going to suffer an epileptic fit right there due to […]