5 most influential Jewish Iconic Leaders and Modern Judaica Gifts

Marvelous and outstanding people in Jewish history have helped shaping the Jewish nation and State of Israel as it is today. These Jewish leaders and Zionists continue to inspire and leave their mark on our lives today, inspiring Israeli Judaica artists and feature contemporary Judaica and pop art Jewish gifts. From biblical times, Jewish leaders […]

Play Monopoly Jerusalem Board Game

Once, many years ago, before the smart phones and Iphones’ era, children spent their free time playing outside, climbing trees or playing monopoly and scrabble. They learnt about their Jewish heritage, Israel and Jerusalem by listening to their grandparents’ stories about the Holy Land. But, not all hope is gone and especially for the 50th […]

Women’s Head Coverings: What is a Tichel?

Women’s head coverings, also known as tichels meaning in Yiddish "cloth", have always been under debate in Jewish communities. It was always a question of whether it is an obligation, to which extent and in what style. When speaking of the women’s modesty and religious obligatory customs, there are various beliefs and expectations. Between Dat […]