How to Prepare for Shabbat: 4 Amazing Tips

The table is set; bubbe’s polished candlesticks are in the center, silverware is on the white map, a vase with flowers as the centerpiece and the whole house is filled with your favorite childhood scents of baked challah, fish and baked potatoes. Shabbat sounds heavenly and serene, but we all know that what goes on […]

Top 4 Hanukkah Songs

One of our favorite Hanukkah traditions is singing Hanukkah songs after lighting the candles on our beautiful Hanukkiyah. No Chanukkah is complete without a stunning Menorah filling the room with light, delicious Latkes, made by Bubbe, or sweet Sufganiyot, a pair of dreidels for the annual family spin the dreidel competition! Now imagine the family […]

Jerusalem Nano Bible Necklace: Jewish Scripture Close to your Heart

Embedded with the world’s smallest bible, Jerusalem Nano bible jewelry are the ultimate Jewish keepsakes. In good or bad times, the Torah is always as a guiding light before our eyes, leading us through dark paths t and inspiring us on Jewish holidays and occasions. Thanks to innovative Israeli technologies, you can now have the tiniest bible […]