10 Best Pomegranate Themed Gifts

Symbol of Knowledge and Mitzvot, the pomegranate is a well-known Jewish symbol. It holds a special place in Jewish culture, traditions and Judaica items from Jerusalem Temple’s times until today. It has adorned the garments of High Priests, and as one of the Seven Species, indicated on the richness of a land, the Promised Land.

We eat pomegranates on Rosh Hashanah to insure the arrival of countless blessings and exciting experiences in the New Year, as well as accepting God’s Mitzvot and our intentions to follow His commandments. Powerful and unique, the pomegranate has become part of Jewish life and culture, embellishing many stunning pieces so essential in Judaism, as tallitot, mezuzot and shofars. The red rimon often inspires jewelry pieces, giving one the chance to wear a beautiful piece, embellish their outfit and demonstrate the importance of Jewish traditions and heritage.

For these reasons, pomegranate themed products make for amazing Rosh Hashanah, birthday and weddings gifts and you are about to discover 10 most beautiful pomegranate gifts:


In wool, silk or organza, a pomegranate embroidered tallit makes for the most beautiful gift. Your loved one will be praying as they cover their shoulders with beautiful tallis, fulfilling the Mitzvah of tzitzit, as the pomegranate embroidery demonstrates the significance of 613 mitzvot in their lives through the colorful pomegranate.


Blessed be the house and its dwellers that are protected with mezuzah. A pomegranate embellished mezuzah is a beautiful Rosh Hashanah and house warming gift.


Ram or kudu shofar, these musical instruments are a Jewish symbol on their own and embellished with pomegranate hand-painted depictions, make for a remarkable Rosh Hashanah gift. Hanging in any room, they are bound to remind of Mitzvot and Jewish customs.


Wearing the shape of a pomegranate, a sterling silver or yellow gold necklace is the most beautiful gift to your beloved. Appreciate and thank her for the countless blessings she brings to your life as the pomegranate brings in the New Year


Every couple dreams of the first Shabbat they will welcome together, in their home, hosting their loved ones for their first Kiddush dinner. Imagine how thrilled they will be to receive pomegranate candlesticks that will bless their home with lovely candles’ light and God’s blessings as they practice one of the most important Mitzvot, lighting candles and blessing Shabbat. What a wonderful wedding gift it will be!


Charming and beautiful gift for the holidays, pomegranate earrings are a must-have piece in any lady’s jewelry collection!

Seder Plate

For Passover or Rosh Hashanah, pomegranate Seder plate will be a stunning addition to a traditional Seder table, reminding everyone the reason for celebrating and gathering. Your loved ones would be happy to receive it as a gift for the holidays!

Havdalah Set

A pomegranate havdalah set will be a remarkable gift for the traditional Jewish family on Rosh Hashanah or Passover. 

Home décor

Decorate your home with pomegranate wall hanging, home blessing and figurines; no Jewish home is complete without a pomegranate decorative piece. Your home will be blessed with special charm and ready for new and exciting guests.

LeShanah Tova VeMetuka, this pomegranate embellished honey dish is everything you need and a charming Rosh Hashanah gift

The pomegranate is only one of the many Jewish symbols. Discover the symbolism behind the Star of David and painted shofars in our Jewish blog.