5 Amazing Benefits of Dead Sea Body Care


The lowest elevation on earth, the Dead Sea is one of the world’s wonders. Located in the South of Israel, the salty lake attracts thousands of tourists every year that wish to soak in its waters and enjoy the benefits of the salty and healing water. But, not everyone have the opportunity to travel and enjoy its benefits and why should you limit yourself to a visit once a year when you can enjoy its benefits in the comfort of your home in great Dead Sea body care products by AHAVA or Ein Gedi?

While, it is not exactly the same as soaking your skin in the healing water, applying body lotion, soaking in your bath and treating your face with Dead Sea mud will have the extremely good effects on your skin and health. Rich in Dead Sea minerals, salt and plant extracts like Aloe Vera, Dead Sea products are made in Israel and have 5 amazing benefits to your facial and body skin.

1 Moisturizing and Rehydrating Effect

Whether you live in a cold or warm climate, you might often find your skin dry and itchy. The Dermud ingredient in addition to Dead Sea salt is designed to restore moisture to the body as well as remove pollutants the skin is expose to during the day. The cream also includes Dead Sea Mud and Shea Butter that enhance its healing properties.

2 Cleansing Effect

Dead Sea salt is ideal for cleansing our facial skin, opening blocked cells and remove dead skin cells. In our everyday life and industrial era we live in it is very easy for our skin to absorb chemicals from the polluted air. Applying Dead Sea cream will remove dirt and black spots caused by environmental changes, making our skin clear and clean.

3 Exfoliating Effect

The Dead Sea minerals function as light scrubs, renewing the skin and bringing back its radiance and elasticity.  The skin is softer, vibrant and even in tone after applying a Dead Sea scrub on your facial skin. You can try light or deep cleansing exfoliating products, depending if your skin is dry, normal or sensitive.

4 Anti-Aging Effect

Dead Sea Minerals, Dunaliella Algae, Tibetan Goji Berries, Date Fruit extract, Himalayan Raspberry Root and Icelandic Moss, which all work on strengthen your skin, through strengthening its natural protective mechanisms and restore healthy properties to the skin.  Dead Sea cream reduces the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots as it also protects the moisture levels of your skin.

5 Anti-Blemish Effect

The minerals and Dead Sea salt cleanse the skin, especially facial skin.  Preventing buildup of black cells and cleaning the skin deeply have an anti-blemish effect, preventing the appearance of blemishes on sensitive skin.

Taking care of your skin is taking care of your health. The skin is the mirror to our emotional and physical state and looking after your facial skin should be a top priority. We all wish to feel young and look young and Dead Sea body care can help you get the needed effect of a clear, glowing and vibrant skin, all from Israel straight to your doorstep, without the need to leave the house and travel very far and change your schedule.  Treat yourself and your loved ones- because you deserve the very best.

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