5 Most Amazing Hamsa Gifts

Looking to buy a Housewarming gift or wedding gift? Hamsa products have become an essential gift side by side with mezuzahs, Shabbat candlesticks and home blessings. Looking for a birthday gift for your beloved? Wish to show her how much Mazal she brings to your life? Hamsa necklaces are just what you need to shower the Eishet Chayil in your life with strength, adoration, love and protection.

With so many hamsa items to choose from, we have made your life easier and hand-picked 5 of the most stunning and meaningful hamsa gifts. 5 fingers; 5 books of Torah; 5 beautiful gifts and 1 hamsa for all life occasions:

Hamsa Necklace

Set with gems, in yellow gold or sterling silver, a hamsa necklace is always a precious gift of love, saying I love you on so many levels.
Whenever she is far, wherever she is, she will carry your love and blessings with every step she takes

Hamsa Mezuzah

Your family members or dear friends are moving to a new home? A mezuzah embellished with hamsa will be much appreciated! The mezuzah must be hung on every doorstep in a Jewish home as G-D commanded, so your gift will be both useful and meaningful as it will decorate the home and protect the family.

Hamsa Home Blessing

Blessed be any home with hamsa home blessing. Shaped as the evil eye protective amulet, A Hebrew home blessing is a must-have piece in any modern Jewish home. Styled with gems, pomegranates or Jerusalem depiction, it brings beauty and blessings to any home and family and makes for a terrific Rosh Hashanah gift

Hamsa wall hanging

It might not have explicit references in the Torah or isn’t a Mitzvah as affixing a mezuzah is, but a hamsa wall hanging is definitely part of every Jewish home décor. A newlywed couple will definitely appreciate the thought put in to your gift and hang it in a key spot at their new home, where it can be admired.

Hamsa Candlesticks

As the first star appears in the sky, every Jewish family prepares for Shabbat. The Kiddush dinner table is set with beautiful white tablecloth, the freshly baked challah is placed on a challah board, covered with embroidered challah cover and candles are lit. Hamsa decorate with candlesticks make for most lovely addition to a traditional Shabbat dinner and Jewish traditions. Blessing the Shabbat with beautiful candles light and the family with Mazal; they are a wonderful wedding or holiday gift

 So, we hope you have found the perfect gift to your family members and good friends, trust us, you can never go wrong with a Hamsa gift!

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