6 Best Star of David Gifts

Star of David, the most popular Jewish symbol, is what comes to mind when you think of Judaism, Jewish pride and Jewish gifts. Known as Magen David, it is made of two triangles fused together, often embellishing various Judaica and jewelry items. 

Wherever you are, whatever you do, wearing a Star of David necklace or ring, is a sign of pride connecting you to the entire Jewish nation. Embellishing one’s home with Star of David decorations, Shabbat candlesticks or wearing an embellished tallit with Magen David, speaks to the world of your love and commitment to your Jewish heritage. For these reasons, Star of David gifts make for wonderful Rosh Hashanah and Passover gifts, Bar and Bat Mitzvah gifts, and memorable wedding gifts.

We have hand-picked 6 of the best Star of David gift ideas:

Star of David Jewelry

Keep our Jewish heritage close the heart in various materials, with diamond or gems clean, in 3D design or simple and classic style. It is the quintessential Bar and Bat Mitzvah gift for the young girl and boy entering their adulthood. By wearing Star of David necklace they consciously and happily acknowledge and cherish their Jewish roots
This modern Star of David necklace says I love modern designs, but nothing will take away from my love and devotion to my Jewish heritage

Or this ring, magnificent wedding ring that unites two people together in love and brings together their Jewish roots to one entity


You are standing in the synagogue on Shabbat or Rosh Hashanah during prayer services, feeling a special string connecting you to every other member. It is a string of history, Jewish history and heritage, a string of tzitzit, as you fulfill the tzitzit mitzvah, while wearing a Tallis embellished with Star of David symbols, such a powerful moment.
White tallit with multicolored Magen David symbols perfect for the modern Jewish man


Used to distinguish Jewish homes in several occasions in history, the Star of David now features various mezuzahs. Today it is a symbol to Jewish pride, signaling all they are entering a home that observes Jewish traditions. A Star of David mezuzah is a wonderful housewarming gift idea and perfect option to protect your home!

Shabbat Candlesticks

Rosh Hashanah and Passover are the most important Jewish holidays, so taking a few extra moments to put some thought in gift shopping is most welcomed. Nothing will be more cherished by your hostess than stunning Shabbat candlesticks.
Star of David candlesticks will become a family treasure and centerpiece on Shabbat and Jewish holidays, as well as stunning wedding gift!

Hannukah Menorah

Hanukkah gift or another exceptional wedding gift, a Haukkiah with Star of David is on everyone’s wish list.

Star of David home décor

Jewish holidays are all about coming together and celebrating this togetherness. We are most happy to share the joys in our lives with our friends and family, especially during the holidays and weddings. A Magen David home blessing or wall hanging is a beautiful gift for any of these occasions. You are invited to participate in a Jewish festivity, show your appreciation and bless the happy home with a Magen David home décor piece!

Now there’s no room for wandering around shopping malls, endlessly browsing online during the busiest time of the year for the perfect gift, because these 6 beauties are the best Star of David gifts.
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