Armenian Ceramics: Ceramic Art from Jerusalem

Mix blue ornamentations and flowers with Jewish symbols and the result is the most unique Judaica in Armenian design, Armenian ceramics. While the majority of people choose to adorn their Shabbat table, gift wedding gifts and prepare for the holidays with polishing silver Kiddush cups and Shabbat candlesticks, there is a high demand for special Judaica and Armenian ceramics answers this demand.
The smallest quarter in Jerusalem is the Armenian quarter and while strolling in its narrow streets and alleys you will notice the multiple workshops and galleries presenting Armenian pottery and Jewish items designed in Armenian fashion. The first Armenian pilgrims arrived to the city in the early 4th century and later on began to craft beautiful and unique pottery in accordance with ancient pottery traditions each artist learnt from his family. Armenian potters arrived in Jerusalem by the beginning of the 20th Century as a result of Turkish persecution.  Many craftsmen arrived from a small city in Turkey, Kütahya, known for its hand-painted tiles and ceramic pieces. A few selected artists were brought especially to renovate the Dome of the Rock, which round walls are beautifully decorated with the famous blue Armenian tiles.
The combination of colors, themes from the nature and animal world, together with Jewish symbolism and Jerusalem depictions, create stunning and meaningful ceramic pieces that deliver a message of hope. The hand-painted Seder plates, Kiddush cups and candlesticks remind us of spring and the Covenant between us and our G-d.

Passover Gifts

Nothing celebrates the holiday of spring more than beautiful Armenian Seder plate decorated with the colorful flowers, it will definitely remind all of the Jewish people’s spring when they left Egypt and came out from slavery to freedom

Or this Matzah tray to place the matzah as reminder to the leavened bread the Israelites ate during their journey in the desert until they reached the Promised Land and Jerusalem

Shabbat Judaica

A beautiful Kiddush cup in Armenian design with Jerusalem depiction is a wonderful way to commemorate old as time traditions

This wooden tray can be an original Challah tray, creating a beautiful set with the Kiddush cup

Jewish Home

Keep the Mitzvah of mezuzah with an original Armenian ceramic mezuzah; it will definitely draw everyone’s attention to the importance of Jewish tradition in your home

Armenian Ceramics always make for a great choice if you are looking for an unforgettable wedding gift or surprise your loved ones with an original Rosh Hashanah or Pesach gift. Each piece tells the story of the Promised Land, land of honey and milk, the land given to our ancestors, where the Seven Species grow and flowers cover its hills and mountains. 

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