Kippah or Yarmulke: Meaning and Styles

Kippah, or in its Yiddish name, Yarmulke, is probably the most apparent indicator to a man’s Judaism.  It is a round head covering worn by Jewish men to demonstrate their Jewish roots and importance of Jewish traditions. The act of wearing head covering as sign of respect and reverence to God dates back to biblical times, when it prevailed among the Temple’s Kohanim, and later on became part of Jewish life.

The Talmud associates the act of wearing Kippot, the plural of Kippah, to showing respect to God and acknowledging his presence above us. A kippah is actually a dome, above our heads, and symbol to a higher entity, superior to us that we happily accept.

As you are shopping for a kipah or walking around in Israel or Jewish neighborhood, you will probably notice the various styles and designs this Jewish head covering has. You will see a modern kippah, knitted white or blue, black velvet or unique Bukharian.          

For example, yeshivah-style Jews wear a black velvet kippah. Modern Orthodox Jews often wear a knitted, colored kippah. Many Chassidic Jews wear a fur hat (shtreimel) on Shabbat and holidays.
So, let’s discover the various and unique significance of each style:

Ultra orthodox Jews choose black velvet kippah

Frik kippah dark crocheted–traditional observant

White or colorful kipah-modern observant

Like this white embroidered Yair Emanuel Kippah, perfect for weddings and sepcial celebrations

Breslov kipa, also known as Na Nach Kippah is a knit Yarmulke of thick white yarn with embroidery, worn by a subgroup within the Breslov sect in the Hasidic Breslov movement.

Kippah sruga, or knitted kippah, this yarmulke is made of thin yarn and comes in various colors and sizes. Small in size and colorful will be worn by mainstream and modern orthodox Jews.

Bukharian kippah– colorful, embroidered and larger in size than the majority of kippahs, this unique style is traditional among Bukharian Jews from central Asia.

So, what are your preferences? Don’t worry, you don’t have to share, but we certainly hope you are ready to embark on your kippah shopping adventure and ready to face the multiple styles and designs!
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