Modular Menorahs: Modern and travel Hanukkah menorahs

One of the most beautiful things in Judaism is seeing ancient traditions strive in today’s modern world. In a fast-growing world, constantly changing, in which we are in a constant race to keep up with new technologies, it becomes harder and harder to stay true and faithful to family traditions and old customs, yet over the centuries we have successfully managed to hold and cherish Jewish customs practiced by Moses, Rachel, King David and their beloved followers. Modern menorahs, also known as convertible menorahs, are a great example to how we have successfully managed taking in the new and contemporary and infusing our old traditions with fresh spirits, creating outstanding Judaica.

Israeli artists turn traditional menorahs into innovative and creative Hanukkiyot, perfect for travelling, 2 in 1 hanukkiyah and Shabbat candlesticks or dreidel, just turn it over, reconstruct and you are ready for Hanukkah, Shabbat, spin the dreidel competition and celebrate Jewish tradition wherever you are.

Here’s our guide to the best and most interesting convertible Menorahs:

Nadav Art Menorahs

Crafting from his Jerusalem studio, Nadav is a wonderful Israeli artist whose convertible menorahs are quite outstanding. Made from anodized aluminum in colorful design, in his art you will find unique Hanukkah products; 2 in 1 menorah and dreidel or Hanukkiyah and Shabbat candlesticks. The dreidel is constructed out of 8 jug shaped pieces to be inserted into the ninth central piece, becoming a spinning dreidel. A careful look will notice that the menorah stands on two feet, crafted to fit in Shabbat candles-just turn it over and there you have beautiful Shabbat candlesticks! These products are wonderful not only for Hanukkah, but will also make from remarkable wedding gifts to a Jewish couple, starting his own family traditions

Yair Emanuel Travel Menorah:

Yair Emanuel is known for his colorful design, hand-painted with biblical themes of famous scenes from the Torah and Jewish life, and his travel menorahs are no exception. When you are traveling for Hanukkah or work, his kits are beautiful, easy to pack in your suitcase, and decorated with Jewish symbols and Jerusalem. Made from three blocks, both of the upper blocks can be adjusted and placed beside the center block, each containing candle holders to hold Hanukkah candles

Convertible menorahs by Agayof

Another great solution for travelling during the holidays is in Agayof’s travel menorah, compact and modern. The kit contains 9 pieces that can be re-arranged into menorah or candlesticks one over the other, packed and unpacked in your luggage so your holiday traditions follow you wherever you go.

Modern Hanukkah menorahs by Laura Cowan

Modern and minimalist in design, Laura Cowan’s menorahs are spectacular. Graceful and modular, each is made from stainless steel and magnets, allowing you to arrange the candle holders on the menorah’s body as you wish, and create a new menorah every day during all eight days of the light festival. Clean from embellishments, her selection of modular menorahs is the perfect choice for those that love understated beauty and unusual Judaica pieces.

When there is such a wide and versatile selection of Hanukkah menorahs, it is really hard to choose only one piece, or move from a traditional style to a modern and contemporary style. In addition, each family has a menorah, Kiddush cup and candlesticks that have been in the family for generation, so replacing a menorah with a newer and improved model will not be on everyone Chanukah’s to-do-list. But, if you are considering changing your style, intrigued by modern design and looking for Judaica that will suit your modern household and lifestyle, convertible menorahs are the ideal choice for you and your loved ones, sharing the same taste and view on Jewish traditions.

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