Play Monopoly Jerusalem Board Game

Once, many years ago, before the smart phones and Iphones’ era, children spent their free time playing outside, climbing trees or playing monopoly and scrabble. They learnt about their Jewish heritage, Israel and Jerusalem by listening to their grandparents’ stories about the Holy Land. But, not all hope is gone and especially for the 50th year of Jerusalem’s reunification, a new version of the old and favorite game, Monopoly was just issued, monopoly Jerusalem.


This new version doesn’t focus Atlantic City, but on our beloved Jerusalem. In English and Hebrew, this classic board game features the best of Jerusalem’s landmarks. Monopoly Jerusalem should be in every household that appreciates Jewish culture, history and Jerusalem, and here are 5 reasons why!

1. Monopoly Jerusalem presents 28 landmarks including: the Western Wall, the Biblical Zoo, Machane Yehuda market, Israel Museum, Mount Herzl and the Knesset. Allowing you to buy and sell only the very best of Jerusalem’s landmarks. The game takes the entire family on a journey in Jerusalem, without leaving the house and traveling is always a great way to learn about life, culture and history.

2. The game is bilingual; the cards are in English and Hebrew making the game a fantastic and fun way for the children to practice their Hebrew!

3. Engaging the entire family, the Jerusalem edition strengthen the bond between each player to Jerusalem and the bigger Jewish nation that gathers around it.

4. Monopoly teaches children the basis of math and counting skills, making it easier for them to succeed in school and later on in the future capitalistic world we live in.

5. Learning about the central landmarks in Jerusalem will teach the children about the significance of the city in Jewish history and Jewish life today. It will allow them to understand life in Jerusalem and Israel in the present day.

To conclude, playing Monopoly Jerusalem is not only a great way to spend quality family time, but a wonderful way to teach our children, pass them the stories of our nation, our values and Jewish customs. This game is a fantastic gift from Israel on any holiday, birthday or souvenir to the youngsters returning from Birthright in Israel.

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