Regenerative skin Gel-Serum – VX beauty: for Anti-Aging and Skin Recovery

Nowadays health and fitness are part of every person’s daily routine. We are more aware of our eating habits, always searching for the next best recipe of gluten free or low-sugar food that will make us feel healthier and younger. But, what about your skin care routine? Being healthy and looking healthy often times requires a more pro-active approach, entailing using the right skin care products to complete your beauty and health regime. One of these products should definitely be the Regenerative Gel-Serum – VX beauty product- the best product in the market for intensive recovery and anti-aging.


Why is this product the next generation of body care products?

Good for all skin types, sensitive skin in particular, this innovative serum consists of Hyaluronic acid, Dead Sea minerals, Pyrus cydonia seed and aloe-Vera extract with tea leaves extract. It is the only Dead Sea product in the market offering such special and ground-breaking formulae of natural ingredients. Powered by registered patent and approved by GMP, it is water based and the ultimate skin care product for you.

Rich in Natural Ingredients

The Hyaluronic acid, often referred to as ‘fountain of youth’, will rejuvenate dry and dead skin, bringing elasticity and glow back to your face, while smoothing wrinkles and removing any damage caused by the strong sun.

The aloe Vera extracts and Dead Sea minerals will make your skin look younger, fresh and healthy. The aloe Vera plant is known for its healing powers, combined with natural minerals the serum will help your skin fight any sun damages and fast aging of skin cells. In addition, the seeds extracts are a great source of hydration and will keep your skin hydrated on extremely cold and hot days. With the global warming accelerating, there is really no escape from the sun and its negative effects.

The special formula sets aside this serum from all body care products out there. The special acid will make you feel like you have drunk from the magical fountain of youth, restoring any aging skin cells. making you feel and look many years younger, matching your beautiful inner beauty and young soul.

This innovative formula creates a friendly body care product that can be applied on any part of your body, including the eyes.  Whether you are looking for a way to pamper yourself, your loved ones or in need of a product to treat your skin and making it look and feel healthy and young again- the regenerative skin Gel-Serum – VX beauty is the product you must try.
This gel-serum will be a wonderful and thoughtful birthday gift, made-in-israel, making your loved one and yourself feel heavenly every day, in any situation and weather.

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