Shofar Odor: Beat in 5 easy breezy steps

Shofars– Selecting a beautiful shofar that suits your traditions or for gifts, isn’t an easy task. You look at multiple shofars, styles and designs, finally place an order and patiently wait for its arrival. You picture it in your living room, being the center of attention on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. You already tell the story of our People and Jewish tradition to the young generation, and then the shofar finally arrives. 

You take the shofar out of the box, unwrap it, and admire the beautiful work and instrument before you. But, oh no, it brings with it a special odor, a scent you have been waiting for, what do you do now? While the unique odor is a relic of the ram it belonged to and part of the shofar’s charm, we understand why you wouldn’t appreciate it and wish to remove it.  There are 5 easy breezy ways to beat the unpleasant scent:

1 Baking soda

The ultimate solution for any problem and for scented shofars: dissolve baking soda in water and pour it into the shofar. Rinse and repeat, if necessary let it sit overnight.

2 Vinegar

Same steps as with the baking soda: just pour pure synthetic vinegar into the shofar and that interesting scent will go away.

3 Shofar Odor Neutralizing Spray

100% environment friendly odor neutralizing spray, non toxic, safe for children and pets; it will remove any unpleasant scent. The spray is a great blend of plant extracts that will make the blowing action delightful!

4 Ground coffee

Always a quick and easy fix for everything and your shofar’s odor-leave one table spoon for 3 days and see your problem solved.

5 Clean mouthpiece

In addition to the shofar spray, keep the shofar’s mouthpiece bacteria free with simple cloth soaked in alcohol for disinfection.

These 5 easy tips will get your shofar ready for the High Holidays; need help in picking a shofar? Read our shofar’s guide and learn about shofars and Jewish holidays in our Oy Vey blog. Already know everything about the shofar, but not how to sound it? Then you will find our post on how to blow the shofar very useful!