Silver Judaica: Timeless and Elite

Shabbat, the family gathers in the dining room, candles’ light fills the room, and Shabbat table is set with silver Judaica.  Made with love and polished to perfection, sterling silver candlesticks and Kiddush cup stand tall as everyone admire them and become silent under their magic. The home baked challah fills the room with magnificent aroma as it rests on a wooden challah board. This is the night you have been waiting and preparing all week, holiest night and precious family time. The silver Judaica reflects the joy and becomes part of memories that last a lifetime, created by the talented and renowned artist Avi Nadav.

This Judaica artist is a third generation of silversmiths, operating in his Jerusalem studio, using the city’s magic to induce his pieces with a special touch and detailing you will not see anywhere else. Infusion modern techniques of colorful enamel and geometric diversity with classic and ancient filigree detailing, creates pieces that become family treasures. Jerusalem, prayer and Jewish symbols adorn his elite pieces, making it our first choice in sterling silver judaica. Looking for a special gift for a Jewish wedding, Bar mitzvah or a special piece to add to your holiday festivities? Here is our ultimate guide to silver judaica shopping:

Filigree ornamented silver judaica

Swirling in pattern and resembling wire, it creates delicate tracery in silver. Nadav Art offers a number of mezuzahs, havdalah sets and torah pointers entirely covered in this fine ornamentation.
For example, trace the filigree in this fine silver mezuzah; it is such a beautiful housewarming gift

Or these spectacular Shabbat candlesticks set that will make for a remarkable wedding gift

Silver Judaica with Jerusalem Depiction

Choosing for a Bar Mitzvah gift is always nerve wrecking. The young boy entering his manhood would probably receive brand new tallit or Chai money, so how can you surprise him?
As he turns 13 and celebrates his Bar Mitzvah, every Jewish by must remember Jerusalem in his prayer and accept the Mitzvah of Shema prayer. These tallit clips will serve as a beautiful reminder of these Mitzvot, as they hold the talit on his shoulders.

Fine silver havdalah cup with Jerusalem at the base is another example to the artist’s talent and without a doubt will make for a stunning Rosh Hashanah gift

Sterling Silver Judaica with hammering work

Delicate hammering work is a unique feature of the artist. Not only are his pieces often have a modern geometric shape, they are also beatified with graceful hammerings in silver. A couple celebrating their first year of marriage and holidays will be delighted to receive such a Kiddush cup

Hanukkah: Hanukkia and Dreidels

Don’t you just love the holiday of lights? It’s our favorite holiday right after Rosh Hashanah and Passover. Nadav Art creates the most spectacular silver hanukkiyot and dreidels in cut out, filigree or enamel, with gemstones or without, your Hanukah will truly light up with these stunning pieces

Speaking of holidays, we haven’t forgotten the holiday that opens the Jewish New Year and it is of course Rosh Hashanah! This silver honey dish are an absolute delight with their apple shape and charming bee, what says Rosh Hashanah more than this?

We hope you agree with us that these remarkable pieces will be considered magnificent by any Jewish family and most suited to be a family treasure, passed on from generation to generation. We can already see the memories and joys celebrated with this silver Judaica.

Avi Nadav is only one of the artists creating in Jerusalem, meet other amazing Judaica artists from this special city and see how it is reflected in their work in our Best Jerusalem artists post. You will also love our post on 10 most beautiful Jerusalem gifts.