The Essential Bat Mitzvah Gifts Guide

Bat Mitzvah is an exciting day for any girl and a significant milestone in anyone’s life and Jewish culture. On this special and memorable day the young woman becomes responsible for her actions according to Jewish laws and is able to take part in all areas of Jewish community life. While the families prepare for the celebration you must prepare as well; aside for marking the special day in your diary, you must pick and give a timeless and unforgettable gift.  While we are experts at buying for ourselves, shopping for others, especially for an occasion like this, can be quite a difficult task. Therefore we have prepared the most amazing gifts selection for you:

1. Any girl will love to receive a fun and colorful bracelet. It is always a great idea for a chic and fashionable girl and a great Jewish item, made in Israel and styled with a Jewish symbol.
2.  Gifting a Star of David necklace will make the Bat Mitzvah feel connected to her roots and Israel. A glamorous Magen David pendant will keep a piece of Israel close to her heart at all times. Look around and choose a Magen David pendant on World of Judaica, we have an amazing selection.
3. Have the Bat Mitzvah’s girl name cut out or engraved on and set on a lovely chain. She will cherish and absolutely love her name necklace.
4. With colorful floral or pomegranate embroidery, a lovely Tallit in elegant white or pink, any young woman would be thrilled to receive one.
5. To go with her special tallit, we have prepared a great selection of Tallit clips. They are a great accessory that will keep the Tallit in her place, while adding style and jazz up any outfit. Get her Jerusalem inspired clips or classic silver or golden ones, they will make for a memorable Bat Mitzvah gift!
6. Earrings are always fun to wear and have for special occasions. Girls at any age love to be chic and unique. You can pick Hamsa earrings, delicate and colorful butterfly earrings or star earrings from our magnificent earrings collection.          
7. A great winter accessory and an item adding color and style is the brooch. Colorful birds or sterling silver cat is a thoughtful Bat Mitzvah gift, available in great prices and styles!
8. If you are looking for a traditional and timeless gift, Kiddush cups are a fantastic idea! Gift a sterling silver Yalda Tova cup or Bat Mitzvah cup, engraved and with colorful decorations.
9. To store all her amazing jewelry pieces, the lucky girl will need a jewelry box. Wooden, with Jerusalem’s depiction or colorful, jewelry boxes are always a hit and any girl will be thrilled to have her treasures safe in one of our original and stunning jewelry boxes.
10.A small, yet always a must piece for young women is a unique or classic Jewish ring. We have a great selection of rings with charms or a silver ring with Star of David and Hebrew writing.

Good Luck and enjoy!